Talking Thailand: Exploring Old Bangkok

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Talking Thailand: Exploring Old Bangkok

A talk by Narisa Chakrabongse

Wednesday 5th August 18:30

Via Zoom. Email for link to Zoom event.

Bangkok is the most visited capital city in the world and is also the most Primate city. Created by King Rama 1 almost 250 years ago after the fall of Ayutthaya, it is the source of Thai art as we know it today, is celebrated for its beautiful temples, loved for its delicious street-food and derided for its notorious traffic. Love it or loathe it, Bangkok is a city one cannot ignore.

Narisa Chakrabongse has lived there off and on for over 60 years and will give an insider’s insight into Thailand’s vibrant capital, with an emphasis on the art and architecture. She will also touch on how Bangkok will deal with the threat of climate change.